My name is Mike Knight I was born and raised in California.  In 1990 I had a Packard bell 386 and I found it quite interesting to look inside the computer see how it was made I then started learning how to change parts inside and I started messing around with software and learning all I can.  I started to help others with their computers and really enjoyed what I was doing.  This is when I made the decision to get in the field of computer repair.

In 1998, we had made a decision to move to Texas.  In hopes of better opportunities as time went along, I was helping customers fix their desktops.  This included replacing hard drives, video cards, sound cards, and modems.  I also was fixing windows errors, viruses, slow computers, and malware.

In 2003, I had my first opportunity to do a web page design and found out that I really enjoyed doing it.  From there I have done a little more but really did not have the opportunity for a lot because of my lack of education.


in 2009 I started with University of Phoenix where I took courses that would benefit my exploration of web design. Some of the courses that have helped in acheiving this goal are Image editing,Management of IT technology, Logic of algorithms, java programming, web design I and web design II. In May 2011 I acheived my associates degree in web design.

In June 2011 I started my bachelor's degree with a concentration in web developer. The course that are involved are project planning and Implementation, database concepts, Java programming I   II, web development, website commercialization and application implementation. This degree will be completed as of June 2013.